Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Makes for a Mighty Struggle

I had a very strenuous and busy weekend, making this Monday morning a struggle, at least an internal one. My project for the day is to write another chapter for my new science fiction novel, Morn. Morn the dystopian country that exists far into the future, created to block the rest of the world because the other countries always engaged in war, constant war, just the opposite of my first novel: 2186 The Last Mission.

Both novels take place in the future. I wondered why this morning, about the propensity to write about the future. A simple answer occurred to me. I like to speculate about which direction humankind will take. How we will deal with future situations, and how technology will affect us.

Take a minute to think about how computers changed the world. Think about how the World Wide Web developed from the internet, which DARPA developed because the United States military needed a defense system to combat asymmetrical warfare. This information came from my thesis: The Internet and Its Impact.

Think about how the world came to know one another better using the web. Now, I have friends, at least chat friends, from all over the world. Maybe one day, we will meet in person.
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