Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hot Time in The Summer

The heat in South Florida gets you very warmed up at this time of year. I think the lows for the past few days hit the mid 70s. It's interesting how quickly you get used to it. My first summer here challenged me. Then I discovered how comfortable wearing sandals feels. After that, the heat became welcome. Nothing feels as good as the sun warming your bones.

We experienced a heavy bit of rain last night. You can always tell by the puddles in front of the house. The heavy rains make the grass, flowers and bushes grow far more quickly than you would expect. Seeing the greenery and flowers with bright, vivid colors makes you comfortable. Today, the weather is simply beautiful.

I spent a few days on the Ocean at the Radisson Oceanfront Hotel. Really, right on the ocean so you could hear the surf all night and all day long. I took some pictures (I wish I had taken more.) that I'll put together in  blog. I think you'll enjoy them, especially the birds that flew a few feet off the balcony.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New York Times Spams

My email has been getting spammed by the New York Times for the past two weeks. At one time I thought the New York Times stood above the fray, but this changes my opinion.

I wonder what they will use as a new slogan: All the Spam That's Fit to Send?


Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Entrepreneur's Strategic Plan

I’m writing a book on strategy for the entrepreneur. Does that make you ask, "How does one go from futuristic science fiction to The Entrepreneur’s Strategic Plan Book?"

Strategy is one of my interests. I earned a Masters in Strategy because the subject allows the very small business, how many small businesses start their lives, to become viable enterprises and become sustainable ventures.

If this book can help even a few entrepreneurs make it to their dreams, I’ll be happy. Besides, I think writing a book on strategy will be fun.