Saturday, January 7, 2012

Warm Weather Returns to Florida

I, for one, am grateful the South Florida temperatures returned to the mid 70s today. The warm temperatures make the body warm, the mind calm and the bones feel good. 

Since moving here from the frozen tundra of the North Country, the thought of returning to the cold weather barely exists. Bone crunching weather no longer seems reasonable. I constantly wonder how I ever survived up there.

A trip along the very crowded A1A this afternoon indicates that many frozen Northerners feel the same way. You can always spot people who live up North. They walk about in short and sandals, while we Floridians wear long pants with shoes and socks.

Can't blame them, though. South Florida is a wonderful place to be.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Florida Cold Wave Subsides

This morning brought warmer weather to the Sunshine State. Although tonight will be in the 40s, which is cold for South Florida, it will rise into the 70s tomorrow. At least snow doesn’t clog the roads.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Florida the Sunshine State Weather

The other day I remembered why I moved to Florida: the weather. The past few days temperatures reached as low as 38 degrees. That's a downright Northern temperature and doesn't belong here. Now I need a new reason why I made the move.

Nevertheless, the sun shines brightly. That alone makes it worth it.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Ultimate Bliss Without the Internet

An Experience that Shaped My New Year's Resolution:

To avoid the usual and get into a different frame of mind, I avoided the internet for a week. You can’t imagine all that you will accomplish when not caught up in reading the news, sending emails, and staying up-to-date on the social networks. In addition, I got involved with something that ate up my time: I became a licensed health and life insurance agent in Florida.

If you decide how you will spend your time, you'll find that you can devote time to other things: the things you choose to do versus reacting to what everyone else places before you to inspire a reaction.  All these extracurricular activities contributed to me not following my original plan.

Imagine being Invictus, the captain of your soul, the master of your fate, possessing an unconquerable soul. Doesn’t this sound like a self-made person?

Traveling the road less traveled can be invigorating. For instance, I found a park that not only has a walking and jogging trail; it has exercise stations along the way that allow one to perform long forgotten exercises. WHEW!

This week of respite helped me decide to make a resolution for 2012:
  • Limit internet time
  • Avoid responding to issues in which I truly have little to no interest
  • Shape my own days, weeks, and months
  • Write the next novel
  • Complete The 3 Hour 3 Step Strategic Plan
  • Publish Elevator 37
  • Write
  • Write
  • Write

Have a Happy New Year