Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Metro PCS, Samsung Combine to Cheat Consumers

Six weeks ago, in the beginning of October, I bought a Samsung Indulge and an unlimited plan with Metro PCS. From the beginning, the service didn’t function well. The GPS didn’t work most of the time; advertising messages folded the screen; when turned to standby mode, the phone would decide to go on the web; the voice transmissions were difficult to hear; the battery failed to last. I rarely use the phone.

A few days ago, the battery decided to drain in two to three hours, leaving me stranded with no service. I began turning the Samsung Indulge off when I wasn’t using it; the battery still drained in two to three hours. Then it deleted all my contacts, my phone call log, and the messages.

I visited the Metro PCS store this morning and was told I was out of luck and that I owned the defective phone that sold me. Further, they mentioned that the battery only would last for two to three hours.

Why didn’t the person who sold me the phone mention this?
Why would anyone get a phone with such short battery life?
Why, in spite of the obvious defective, do Samsung and Metro PCS continue to sell defective plans and products?

Here are comments I found on a rating site: “Since the first day I bought it always had issues with this phone this phone has a horrible battery life and gets very hot and it freezes and it does everything the phone should be doing I think it's a very poor quality product.” Another said, “I BOUGHT THE PHONE BECAUSE I NEED A KEYBOARD AND I WAS EXCITED TO GET IT, BUT NOW I SEE THAT I BOUGHT IT. I HATE THIS PHONE AND I REALLY LIKE SAMSUNG PRODUCTS, THIS PHONE HAS REALLY LET ME DOWN IN THE WORSE WAY. IT A SHAME THAT U PAY ALL THIS MONEY FOR A PHONE AND THEN U HAVE TO KEEP IT ON THE CHARGER AT ALL TIMES BECAUSE THE BATTERY DIES SO FAST. I AM SO UNHAPPY WITH THIS PHONE I CAN SPIT..... THANKS A LOT SAMSUNG, U USE TO BE MY FAVORITE COMPANY. GOODBYE.”

About one-third of the respondents said they would not recommend this product to a friend.
I must agree with these assessments. The product is inferior.

I cancelled the service because the counter-clerk said he couldn’t do anything other than change the settings. My empathy to all who own this piece of garbage.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wondering Why

Since I haven’t created a post in a long time, I wonder why I’m getting so many visitors to the older posts.