Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Marathon Terror Attack

The people in Boston, near the finish line, will share many of the experiences I had February 26, 1993 at 12:17 PM when the bomb exploded in the World Trade Center. They will feel as if their brains aren't functioning properly. They will experience memory losses. Loud noises will startle them.

Only a few people other than those experiencing a bombing truly understand its sway. The victims will understand the impact of the cacophony that will persist in their minds for God knows how long. Some will understand the sadness of watching a person bleed to death. The sadness will hang like a cloud over their lives and impose a prison-like confinement, making them fear crowds, people, and loud noises. The impact will create sensitivity to every news story that even resembles terrorism.

The event will change their lives in ways only they will comprehend. They will look at foreigners will suspicion. They will recoil in horror when some say terrorism is not a big deal. They will feel intense anger when these atavistic. Ideologically cretins spew their hate on media venues. They will understand Israel much better, too.

Maybe, I hope, they will empathize with Christians in Egypt, Iraq or any Islamic state, where infidels are viewed as lesser humans, and these infidels do not merit the same status as the ruling mass, nor do other factions of the same religion.

I welcome them to the club and wish they had not had the experience.
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