Friday, May 3, 2013

How to Get Revenge

Revenge is a powerful motive. We writers have the ability to get revenge on the turds we’ve met in life. You know the people of whom I speak. Those annoying, backstabbing, turds that go out of the way to make everyone else’s life difficult. As of today, I’ve taken revenge on three of them, two in my first novel, and one (so far) in my second. 

It’s so much fun taking their attributes for use in characters. In the first novel, originally titled Elevator 37, now titled 2186: The Last Mission, I used the character traits of two so-called friends from childhood because when I thought of how devious they were (I’m talking in grammar school) they fit right into a devious murderous thug. I even used their names for the final touch.

In the second novel, Morn, I used a person who instead of making himself look better using improvement, he tears people down to his level. As Paul Simon sand, “The man ain’t got no culture.” To this I would add, no class, either.
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