Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Science Fiction Science Fact

Science Realty
Recently scientists held a meeting (in secret) that considered creating a synthetic human genome. My first thought: what delightful fodder for a science fiction story. Another thought followed. What could possibly go wrong with this?
Scientists intend to use chemical to create all the DNA of human beings. That means they are customized genes—unnatural genes. What could they create with these? Will they attempt to custom-design people for specific jobs? Fireman, soldiers, doctors, teachers, and more could all be customized at some future date.
What, then, will happen to normal human beings?
Science Fiction
This is not quite the Universal Soldier You can see information on the Universal Soldier here.  series in which soldiers are reanimated or returned to life after their deaths. (Sounds gruesome, doesn’t it?) Nor is this like The Fly, where a scientist uses teleportation devices. See The Fly here. Further, The X-MEN  (follow this link)  were different because they were born mutants. 

Science Fiction Fodder
This may prove to excellent science fiction fodder.

What do you think?
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