Friday, June 10, 2011

The New Criminals

PBS, was hacked by LulzSec. LulSec posted a false article stating that Tupac Shakur was living in New Zealand. This retaliation for a documentary, “WikiSecrets, PBS aired about WikiLeaks publication of classified information. (Funny that WIkiLEaks requires employees sign a non-disclosure agreement contract about their ILLEGAL activities.
Who are these peole and why do they think they have the right to commit such crimes. For one thing, they have the knowledge required to make decisions regarding right and wrong in the international political arena.
These criminals break into IT systems of banks, governments, defense contractors, military organizations. In addition to using stolen information in a childish attempt to manipulate world affairs, they use the information to steal from everyday citizens.

These misguided criminals conspire to commit espionage. For these crimes, they need to be prosecuted and punished.

They, somehow, believe they will save the world, but they are wrong. The world has an order that works. Their ideas defy rationality.

Let’s consider the rule of law. Countries establish a code of ethics for the nation. These hacker-criminals violate these laws every time they hack into a computer—no matter who owns that computer. They have no legal (or legitimate) reason to have that information.

For those who believe this activity constitutes activism, be advised it does not. It constitutes crime, criminal activity that requires prosecution. Hackers have no imbued right to break the law.

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