Saturday, May 14, 2011

Writing On Nothing for a Bit for Creativity

I’ve had a couple of hectic weeks and the busyness prevented me from creating new posts for Science Fiction Writer, Writing On Monday I expect to be back to a normal schedule, whatever that may be.

Part of the busyness involved transferring notes from the new novel I'm writing, MORB (hopefully a best seller), from handwritten notes to the computer. Other activity was about learning something new and completely different. Learning something new and different, and usual at the same time, always adds to one's perspective on the world.
Some of the learning involved new experience that required using creativity , something I think the world could use more of to solve global dilemmas. So I’m not referring to the creative arts such as writing, dance, theater, music, painting and other fun things in that domain. Rather, the learning involved things such as helping deliver healthcare to everyone or creating global security , so the global population can pursue better lives and enjoy peace and happiness.
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