Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Memory of My First Fiction

Do you remember the first fiction that you wrote? I wrote my first creative fiction in the 4th grade. It wasn't anything major, not even a complete story. The teachers did not consider me a good student, to say the least. During class, one day, the teacher told us to write a paragraph describing a scene. My paragraph went something like this.

"We paddled the canoe down the river. The trees along the river bent over us like a tent. The trees opened up to show a pond  beneath a waterfall. The water beneath the falls turned white from the force of the falling water."

The teacher donned a look of surprise when she read it. You know I wondered if she would send me on another trip to the principal's office. Looking back on this leads me to believe that I have some natural writing ability. However, to write well, to be a writing professional, you need to write a great deal. I earned a masters degree that required I write, and write, and write, and discovered that I love writing.

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