Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World


I had the pleasure of seeing this performance at an IMAX theater with the expanded system and the cameras that filmed from every available angle. Hats off to Scorsese

There’s little question the Rolling Stones perform at a level unequaled by most groups—even at their advanced years. The Stones perform with what appears to be wild abandon. Yet, closer inspection reveals they are acutely aware of everything that happens on stage while performing the various numbers: the eye contact, the subtle signals and nods of the head. Maybe because they have played together for so many years.

It’s this playing together for so long that’s intriguing. Was it Mick Jagger’s leadership, the groups love of performing, marketing ability, or just pure luck?

The video of “She Was Hot” exemplifies Rock and Roll—Enjoy. It demonstrates why the Rolling Stones are a success.

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